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After backpacking around Bali from August to November of last year, I can honestly say the time I spent there completely changed my life. I was reminded of the pleasure and immense healing that can come from softness and simplicity. Allowing my reality to slow down, while granting my Spirit permission to soar. I played in the Indian ocean, prayed in temples, participated in ceremonies, and played... and played some more. Wonder and curiosity was brought back to the little girl in me, my being rested, and I could once again taste the sweetness of being in my bliss.

My Intention with this retreat is to help you experience this feeling. Helping you lean into peace, helping you remember how to play, while also honoring the sacredness that is all around.

Journey to the Island
of the Gods
June 8- June 17, June 21-June 30, 2024


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