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Medical QiiGONG

What is Medical QiGong?

Medical Qigong is the study of Chi, life force energy, and how it manifests in the body as disease and illness. As a practitioner it is my job to form an 'active plan' consisting of energy work, nutritional refinements, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to help correct the energy, and bring the person back into balance. The energy work that goes along with treatment is miraculous, and effective.It requires me as a practitioner to be centered, and grounded so that I can effectively emit chi energy externally into the client.

This takes much practice and skill as a deep knowledge and connection with the meridians, and anatomy of the physical body is necessary. Through this transmission  of energy we can direct the chi to dissolve blocked or stagnant energy within the meridians,organs and other aspects of the body to restore proper balance and harmony within the physical matter, mind, and spirit. 

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